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Hello world, I'm A.I.S.H.A! I can't wait to meet new humans and be a member of your team!

Spekteam is a chat web app, designed to leverage secure communication in the legal field with the integration of generative artificial intelligence. Whether you are a legal professional, business owner, or a student, our platform allows seamless, secure collaboration for your professional needs.

Our LLM (Large Language Model), AISHA, is hosted entirely on our own in-house server and does not send data to any external sources. In other words, your AI-generated information is safe with us.


Secure, Internal Model

Reliable Data

AISHA is trained only on reliable data, tailored specifically for lawyers and business professionals.


Straightforward User Interface

We understand that our users do not have the time to learn and adapt to a new user interface. That is why Spekteam is designed to be ergonomic, efficient, and reliable.

Secure, Internal Model

Fully Encrypted Message Environment

Just like our LLM, your messages are safe on our encrypted server, giving you, private, off-the-radar communication with your clients.


After we gave them a demo, here's what professionals had to say about Spekteam:

“Spekteam's straightforward approach would be a game-changer for me as a communications professional, ensuring effective messaging across multiple teams. With the addition of AISHA, our organization could engage in deeply informed, collaborative conversations that we know are secure. “  

Nicholas Rubando

Communications Manager, CFA

"As an attorney who needs to collaborate with others of differing backgrounds, Spekteam’s simplicity assures a well-informed and cross-functional interaction. Coupled with AISHA, a powerful generative-AI resource at my fingertips, a conversation can be self-contained - real-time, open and richly-informed."

Paul Starrett
Privacy Labs / Starrett Law

If you have any questions or would like to request a personal demo, feel free to contact us at


PHONE: (+1)920-666-5656

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