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IT Asset Development and Management for Law Firms

IT Asset Development & Management

Speklinks IT offers sophisticated IT development and management solutions for small to medium-sized law firms. We engineer custom, ergonomic systems that ensure the utmost data security while aligning software and hardware with your firm's specific needs.

Speklinks IT Asset Development & Management
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Our Services

IT Security and Stability

Small and medium-sized law firms that help clients with cases revolving around sensitive information are a gold mine for ransomware attackers and other cyber criminals. Whether hosted on local servers or in the cloud, establishing and re-enforcing the security of these firms’ IT infrastructure is critical. Our services ensure that your digital environment is both reliable and secure, providing you and your clients with peace of mind.

Security and Stability - Speklinks
Tailored IT Management - Speklinks

Tailored IT Management

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely meet the unique demands of law firms. However, navigating through what technology best suits a firm can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Our Tailored IT Management services organize and optimize both software and hardware, boosting your firm’s operational efficiency and allowing you to focus more on your clients and less on IT concerns.

Advanced Technology Development

Although lawyers aren’t known for being tech-savvy, an increasing number of law firms are now adopting custom technology solutions to automate routine tasks and support research activities. Generative AI, when deployed with stringent data security measures, can significantly streamline the formation of complex and repetitive documentation. Similarly, tailored semantic search tools enhance the efficiency and organization of secretarial and paralegal work, accelerating day-to-day operations.

Advanced Technology Development - Speklinks

Solutions for Ransomware and Other Cyber Threats

Adapting to Deepfakes & Other Emerging Technology

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Our Values


Affordability - Speklinks

We're committed to finding and being part of cost-efficient solutions. Our tailored approach ensures you receive the IT support your firm needs within a manageable budget, delivering comprehensive, scalable, and effective solutions without compromising quality or security.


Efficiency - Speklinks

We understand the importance of clear and concise communication, ensuring that our explanations are straightforward and to the point. Our commitment is to provide practical, effective, and direct IT solutions that address your firm's specific needs without unnecessary complexity or delays.


Efficiency - Speklinks

Our team of experts is always at your disposal to deliver immediate assistance, guidance, and technical support, guaranteeing the optimal performance of our solutions within your operational ecosystem.



Regardless of technical background, we ensure that  our clients remain informed and fully aware of our actions and development. Our commitment to open communication means you'll always receive regular updates about our processes, giving you confidence in every decision.

Our Team

The Speklinks Team

Team Lead - Speklinks

David Oleksy

Alejandro - Speklinks

Alejandro Garcia

Joseph - Speklinks

Joseph Hichler

Aaditya - Speklinks
Elaine - Speklinks

Elaine Zamudio

Fatima - Speklinks

Fatima Shahbaz

Legal Advisor - Speklinks

Paul Starrett

Legal Advisor - Speklinks

Jonathan Tung

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